2017 Tournament Schedules

Updated Friday May 19, 2017 by Mike Varney.

These are the FINAL schedules for this weekend's tournaments.  Your travel and arrival plans should not have to change.  Any minor corrections up to game day will be noted here and where they are posted at the fields.

For a brief description on what "Section" means, scroll down below the list of schedule links for an explanation of our terminology.

****  This year there was an unusually high number of U10 and U12 registrations; unfortunately even with adding a playing field this means that most team's days are longer than originally intended. 

Below are the links for the schedules for the 2017 Tournament:

U-8 Co-Ed WEDNESDAY 5/17 9:00am
U-10 Boys / Section 1 TUESDAY 5/16 3:00pm
U-10 Boys / Section 2 TUESDAY 5/16 3:00pm
U-10 Girls / Section 1 TUESDAY 5/16 3:00pm
U-10 Girls / Section 2 TUESDAY 5/16 3:00pm
U-12 Boys "A"  
U-12 Boys "B" / Section 1  
U-12 Boys "B" / Section 2  
U-12 Girls / Section 1  
U-12 Girls / Section 2  
U-14 Boys TUESDAY 5/16 10:00pm
U-14 Girls / Section 1 TUESDAY 5/16 10:00pm
U-14 Girls / Section 2 TUESDAY 5/16 10:00pm
U-16 Boys  
U-18 Boys FRIDAY 5/19 4:00PM

There have been a number of questions regarding our use of the word "section".  "Section" does *NOT* imply skill level!  It is merely a label we put on a divided group of teams (it's unweildy to have a single schedule with 12 teams on it).  Additionally, by dividing the teams up we are able to have cross-bracket playoffs and crown a division champion in the competitive (U12+) divisions.

The divisions which had enough players desiring "A" level play are marked as such.  Otherwise, "Section 1" does not imply a higher level of play than "Section 2".  It only indicates you were randomly placed before the others.